This is a radical candor post that covers one of those issues that you rarely see top founders (or founders in general) expand upon. It’s the issue of life and how the macro unrelated things can impact your near term focus on the business. What you should take away from this read is that it is not only important perhaps crucial that you have solid co-founders but also that you have a good leadership team to deal with the unknown unknowns that will absolutely occur.

I’m waking up this morning with the knowledge that my mom is rapidly slipping away…

2021 is here! A new year with new opportunities for learning and laughter. I decided to dedicate my first blog of the year to that subject. Hope you find some enjoyment and wisdom in here someplace….

Top Three Streaming Shows that will make you Laugh no matter how serious the world gets:

Schitt’s Creek- The characters/actors go from episode to episode making lemonade out of the lemons that are their daily lives. Watch it on Netflix.

Kim’s Convenience- The Canadians keep it going with the comedic views on everyday life. The Kim family are really jedi masters in disguise with…

We want a seat at the table

As 2020 closes I’m taking a bit of time this week to read, reflect and write. One of the focal topics for me this past year was diversity and how to enable positive change around minority inclusion and the local tech ecosystem. This past week I happen to read a well timed article about the experiences a minority tech entrepreneur in Austin was having that very much mirrored my own experiences (

After George Floyd, there were lots of calls and emails about how awful the situation was and what could they do to help with the issue of diversity…

Professor X and the X-Men

If a Founder happens to be both lucky and good they get to watch something that started as a idea turn into a business and then that business grow from a startup to a growth company. The company evolves from trying to find product market fit to an organization seeking to operationalize continuous growth throughout the organization. As the business evolves a founder must make the conscious effort to evolve themselves as well.

Larry Ellison, Marc Benioff, Bill Gates, Tom Siebel, Hasso Plattner and Jack Ma are all part of a relatively small club of founders who ran their businesses…

This is where the future is being curated

It’s been almost three months since I first posted about how I was doing during the social unrest crisis. I thought it would be good to follow-up that post with periodic updates to better measure the change and my adjusted worldview for those of you who care. So let’s get to it…How am I doing?

At this point I would say slightly less good. The agony booth has been turned up a notch. The battle between what brings us together as Americans seems to be under constant assault by the things that divide us. A phrase I heard recently sums…

The Mirror Universe Agony Booth

How am I doing seems to be the most asked question during the recent period of civil unrest. After much thought I discovered the easiest way for me to describe how I am is to fall back on a reference quote from Star Trek’s Mirror Universe’s Tiberius Kirk.

Tiberius states that he set the agony booth to medium intensity — “like a dull toothache throughout your whole body. Bearable, but most uncomfortable” — and left Chekov in it; it would take thirteen days for him to die, and it set a new standard for the Imperial Starfleet.

A dull toothache…

Capt Barbossa in the Malestrom

A few bullet points about how to think about leading your team regardless of whether you are hunkering down or leaning in during the storm.

  • Be decisive and also informed. One comes before the other.
  • Make the hard choices sooner then explain the “why” to your team
  • Plan, Plan, Plan, Plan and then Rehearse through modeling and data analysis
  • Seek healthy outlets for the emotional anxiety. We all have it so don’t pretend. Do a walking meeting (virtually or physically) rather than one of those tip the glass meetings online.

That said, I’m going for a bike ride. My first in two years since the accident. Wish me luck.

By now you’ve hopefully made a choice for how your business is going to handle the new world order. The advice/guidance I’ve been imparting is to either hunker down or to lean in. No option for middle ground choices here.

There are two shared action items that fit both scenarios

  1. Gain control over as much CASH as you can get your hands on
  • Close existing rounds if you can
  • Draw down credit lines
  • Collect quickly from customers
  • Get the government aid


2. Rigorously manage your CASHFLOW

  • Collect Fast. Pay Slow
  • Model your forward looking options

When I discuss hunkering…

I’m back. It’s been a minute since I’ve been in the right mental place to write alongside having the free moments to do so. Time flies when having fun but it also flies when the shit hits the fan. 2020 has been a bit of both of those for me thus far. I flew to Australia just as the Covid-19 event was bubbling up out of China. I arrived back home a month later with the world literally changing before my eyes.

This first blog of the year is a precursor to two other posts that will hopefully be helpful…

Over the past months, I’ve heard a number of stories from friends in the early stage growth mode. While each story was different they all had similar undercurrents around how to maintain balance between work, family and life obligations. I am by no means a master of this but I’ve developed a few tips and gathered a few other tips that might help others with keeping their sanity.

#1- Take a mini-sabbatical. Sometimes getting away for 1–2 days, and clearing the brain is what helps to clear a mental block or allow for you to re-calibrate across the board. I…

Bill Spruill

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